Access Keys:

Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham



Sweatshirts and Cardigans with the school logo, can be purchased from Colliers or Kids Essentials in Northfield.

School Uniform consists of:                                

PURPLE:     purple and white check dresses, T-shirts, sweatshirts/sweat cardigans with official logo

                  WHITE:  shirts, blouses, T-shirts, socks, tights

                  GREY:   skirts, pinafore dresses, trousers, socks, tights

                  BLACK:  shorts, shoes

Children need to wear the appropriate clothing for PE.  This is:

A plain white T-shirt

Plain black shorts (not Bermuda shorts)

Black pumps


Colliers' School Uniforms Ltd                                        Kids Essentials 

No 1 Chatham Road                                                       762 Bristol Road South

Northfield                                                                      Northfield

Birmingham                                                                   Birmingham

B31 2PH                                                                        B31 2NN


Pre-loved uniform is also available from Rubery Swop Shop. 

You can contact them via email: or via facebook:  @ruberyswopshop