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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Thankfulness in Fir

7th Oct 2021

This week in Fir class, we have been considering our value of the week: Thankfulness.

We have shared thoughts about how we can show we are thankful, how we can be grateful for the things we already have, and how we can appreciate the wonderful people in our lives. We have learned that showing thankfulness is not always just about being polite and saying please or thank you!

We have considered how we can serve other people and explored a bible story where Jesus washes the feet of the disciples. From this story, we learned that Jesus wanted to help and serve everyone, and we thought about how we can do the same thing.

Together, we wrote a prayer, thanking God for all the amazing things in our lives.

Dear God,

Thank you for keeping the world safe.

Thank you for helping us.

Thank you for looking after babies and children.

Thank you for making us a beautiful home.

Thank you for our wonderful families.