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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Teaching each other in Black History Month

16th Nov 2023

Living life in all its fullness,  Beech class have been teaching each other all about Nelson Mandela. We have learned that Nelson Mandela was born in a place called Mvezo in South Africa. His parents named him Rolilalah but his teacher gave him the name Nelson. While he was growing up, European white people began taking over South Africa even though there were more black people than white people living there. They created aparthied (apartness) which meant that white people had to be segregated from black people. They couldn’t get married or live in the same area. Nelson spoke up because he thought this was unfair but he was thrown in jail for 27 years. A new president freed him and a change in the law meant that black people were allowed to vote. They voted for Nelson Mandela to be president.  He helped to bring an end to apartheid ensuring that back people and white people could unite. He believed also believed that sport could unite people from different nations.