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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Nursery Phonics

23rd Jun 2022

This term in phonics we are looking at Phase 1 – Aspect 7 of our new Supersonic Phonic Friends scheme which is to develop oral blending and segmenting of sounds in words.

We’ve had a lovely time this week meeting our new phonics friends – Listening Len, Segmenting Seb, Blending Ben and Reading Rex. We have been doing lots of activities that promote developing oral blending and segmenting including the interactive game pick a picture and also the game which one? In this game we have a selection of familiar objects with names that contain three phonemes (e.g. sheep, fish, sock, bus). We then make sure the children can recognise each object. Next, with the help of a puppet we ask the children to listen carefully while it says the name of one of the objects in sound talk so they can help it to put the sounds together and say the word. The toy then sound talks the word, leaving a short gap between each sound. We encourage the children to say the word and identify the object. All the children can then repeat the sounds and blend them together using our robot arms.  

Our phonics superstars showing life in all its fullness!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Tullett and Ms Bird