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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Maths Mania!

31st Mar 2022

This term we have covered lots of different areas in Maths. The children can now all count confidently and are continuously working towards having a deep understanding of numbers to 10. They have enjoyed using physical objects such as teddy bears, Evil Peas, and conkers to help them count and understand quantity. 

The children enjoy having the opportunity to expand their knowledge in Maths in different ways. For example, if we are reading a story, they enjoy counting the characters or the words in the story. When we are lining up, they like to count how many children are in the line. We also try and create a girl/boy pattern in our line. Doing this encourages the children to have a go and think about Maths in their everyday life.

We have created areas around our classroom for the children to proudly display their Maths work. The children use achievement frames to showcase work they are proud of. Check them out below!