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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham


24th May 2018

Today has been a busy day! After school 9 children took part in their first Football tournament.  We had to go on a coach to St Lawrence School and play against 7 other teams! As the other teams arrived we started to notice that other school teams were older than us and in some cases much bigger! We held it together and did not let that scare us. The children had a practice first with Coach Connor and a pre match team chat. Then we were given our first team to play. Well the children were off like rockets and thrashed the other team 3-0! All the parents were cheering and shouting words of encouragement. In our next match we played really well and supported each other but lost 2-1.  As we progress through the tournament, we never gave up hope. We work hard and tried our best.  Overall we came 6th and had a huge cheer from the crowd when we got our medals.  


We we are so very proud of the football team.  Well done!