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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Cadbury World - Year 2

18th Jun 2021

Year 2 have been super lucky this week, all thanks to Miss Taylor! Thank you for arranging our trip to Cadbury World!! We continued with our topic for this term: Cadbury brothers and got to see how chocolate was made!

We have all been extremely excited to go to Cadbury World and spotted the Cadbury sign from the coach. We were all given special wristbands before we entered.

Once we got inside, we met one of the Cadbury's speakers in the Richard Cadbury room, to learn about the Amazon rainforest and how chocolate was first discovered. We explored and investigated rainforests from all over the globe and discovered some fascinating creatures that live there. Our favorite's were the fruit bat (using his super sight, he grabbed hold of fruit with his claws). We saw a scary video of the snake (Boa Constrictor), he could actually move his teeth when eating his prey! We also got to see a real life cocoa pod! This one was a dark brown shade because Cadbury had roasted it to preserve it. But real cocoa pods are a yellow colour and they all have gooey, slimy pulp covering the cocoa beans inside.  

After our special talk, we all explored the Museum and saw two statues. They were Richard and John Cadbury! We continued to look around and discovered an exhibition that was an exact replica of Mrs Cocks' living room. She has been collecting Cadbury memorabilia since the 1970's and has over 5,000 Cadbury pieces! 

We continued on our tour of the Cadbury World factory and got to see a replica of John Cadbury's Bull Street shop and then watched the brothers tell us how they created Cadbury and how they made chocolate. Next, we got the chance to write our names using melted chocolate (it was tricky not to get covered in chocolate!) and saw how Cadbury used to cool chocolate down before placing the chocolate into the molds.

Then, we all got to go on the Magic Bean Ride, where we saw chocolate characters in different areas. We especially loved going through the snowy mountains. It was freezing in there! Afterwards, we all got to taste some of the yummy Cadbury chocolate. We even got to add some tasty toppings, such as marshmallows, jelly babies, white chocolate and oreo! We continued to walk through the magical corridors and reached the advert area. We had lots of fun looking at all the past adverts and loved watching the chocolate rollercoaster and the talented gorilla drummer! At the end of the tour, we explored a fun area, where we watched some videos and played some games. Check out our pictures below to see us playing SPLAT with chocolate!

After lunch, we went into a 4D cinema to learn how chocolate gets made. It was so much FUN! It felt like we were on a rollercoaster and we all kept reaching out, trying to grab all the yummy chocolate bars! 

Just before it was time to go home, we all got to have a break in the amazing play area. We loved the twisty slide the best!