Nursery Pupils' Work

Week ending Friday, 23rd June 2017

The children have been learning about the three little pigs and have been acting out the story with masks and pretending to be the characters.  The children have also been learning sounds daily in phonics and taken part in an activity where they can write words from the three little pigs story.


Sophie, Zara, Myleigh and Klay all used the word mat to find words from the story and write them.  The children could hear the initial sounds and wrote the words using picture prompts.


































Week ending Friday, 24th March 2017


Week ending Friday 17th March 2017

Week ending Friday 10th March 2017

In nursery the children have been working hard with their numbers.  Ellie has been counting one object, one number and learning to touch count.  Lily Mai has recognised some numerals and has been able to match quantitiy of objects to the number.


Wednesday, 8th March 2017

Sienna has drawn a wonderful picture of her family,her best friend Ellie, and her teddies at the playground.


Week ending Friday, 17th February 2017


Week ending Friday, 27th January 2017

The children have been learning to ride a balance bike.  They walked with the bike beside them and when they were comfortable doing this they could put one leg astride the bike and walk with it between  their legs.  The last stage was to sit on the bike and push themselves along.  The children are now working on gaining confidence and balancing on their bikes.  They have all done really well and enjoyed it.