iSing POP

21st November 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian

Later this month we welcome iSingPOP to Holly Hill Infant & Nursery School where the children will be involved in a singing and recording project led by Rebekah Stocker.

iSingPOP helps to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and social development of pupils and their place in the community.  They will be learning and performing a number of special songs with actions, which support our school values as well as the children’s learning in a range of subjects including Music, RE and Citizenship. On Monday 11th December, the children will be recorded so that we can create a school album with help from the iSingPOP team.

On Wednesday 20th December there will be two concerts in the school hall, where you can enjoy the fruits of the children’s efforts and learn more about iSingPOP.  The first concert for parents of children in Year 1 will begin at 11am. The second concert for parents of Year 2 children will begin at 2pm, please ensure you arrive no later than 15 minutes before your chosen concert to ensure a prompt start. Each concert will last under an hour and we look forward to welcoming as many of you as can attend.  Children are to wear school uniform on this day and school will provide a t-shirt to wear for the performance.

The school CD will be available to order before the concert for £7, and will be delivered into school by the end of term.  The album will include the recorded songs sung by the children along with backing track versions for your child to sing along to. We will also have some fabulous iSingPOP T-Shirts and hoodies available at the concerts for £7 and £15 respectively. The following special offers will also be available:

CD and T-Shirt of your choice                      £12 (Additional sibling T-Shirts £5 each)

CD and hoodie of your choice                      £20 (Additional siblings hoodies £13 each)

These can be ordered by returning the attached slip to school by the morning of Monday 11th December. Please note, iSingPOP is 100% not for profit and any income from sales goes back into the charity.

The children are sure to have a brilliant time learning the songs and actions and we hope to see as many of you as possible at the concerts on Wednesday 20th December.

If you would like any more details about iSingPOP please visit their website We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at what I know will be a wonderful performance.

Yours sincerely


Mrs R Byng

Pupil Name(s):________________________________________________________________________


Year Group / Class Name:_______________________________________________________________


I would like to order:   ____ CDs @ £7 each


                              ____ CD and T-Shirt package @ £12 each, with ____ additional T-

                              Shirts @ £5 each


                           ____ CD and Hoodie package @ £20 each, with ______ additional

                           hoodies @ £13 each


                           ____ T-Shirts @ £7 each (please select size(s) and colour(s) below)


                           ____ Hoodie @ £15 each (please select size(s) and colour(s) below)




I enclose a cheque / cash for £______.


Please make cheques payable to Innervation Trust Ltd




T-Shirt Pink

T-Shirt Blue

T-Shirt Black

Hoodie Pink

Hoodie Blue




3 to 4








5 to 6








7 to 8








9 to 11








12 to 13








14 to 15









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