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Budgets Standards/Pupil Outcomes/Data
Parent Partnership Financial Management Teaching & Learning
Admissions Staffing/CPD 'Narrowing the Gap'/SEN
Attendance/Punctuality Premises Leadership & Management
Personal Development & Well-being Business Management Target Setting
Safeguarding Partnerships  
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Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor Charlotte Taylor
  Karen Handford Neil Johnson
Philippa Fieldson Neil Johnson Cathy Evans
Ekeoma Nwajiuba   Karen Handford
    Dawn Gallagher
Victoria Gannon Victoria Gannon Barbara Easton
Dawn Gallagher    


Dates of Meetings

Date Committee Apologies
1st October 2015 Full Governing Body

Maureen Knight

Chris Dyke (Absent)

13th October 2015 Resources Committee Chris Dyke
20th October 2015 Standards Committee None
22nd October 2015 Pupil Support None
18th November 2015 Extra-Ordinary Governors Meeting

Ekeoma Nwajiuba

Chris Dyke & Barbara Easton (Absent)

7th December 2015 Resources Commttee None

14th December 2015

14th January 2016

Standards Committee

Pupil Support



18th January 2016


25th January 2016

Resources Committee


Standards Committee


Chris Dyke (Absent)

Dawn Gallagher & Barbara Easton

4th February 2016 Full Governing Body

Aimie Pearson, Tracey Peters

Absent:  Chris Dyke

7th March 2016 Standards Committee Barbara Easton
8th March 2016 Pupil Support Committee None
14th March 2016 Resources Committee Neil Johnson, Chris Dyke
10th May 2016 Pupil Support Committee None
16th May 2016` Standards Committee Maureen Knight
26th May 2016 Full Governing Body Karen Handford, Cathy Evans, Philippa Fieldson
21st June 2016 Pupil Support Committee Ekeoma Nwajiuba
28th June 2016 Resorces Committee

Neil Johnson (Sabbatical)

7th July 2016 Standards Committee Neil Johnson (Sabbatical), Barbara Easton
7th July 2016 Standards Committee Neil Johnson (Sabbatical)
22nd September 2016 Standards Committee

Tony Pemberton, Daniel thomas

4th October 2016 Resources Committee None
11th October 2016 Children's Centre Committee

Jacqui Jackson, Trevor Clarke

14th October 2016 Pupil Support Committee Richard Tebbs
20th October 2016 Pay Committee None
20th October 2016 Full Governing Body None
10th November 2016 Standards Committee None
29th November 2016 Resources Committee None
9th December 2016 Pupil Support Committee

Richard Tebbs, Victoria Gannon

12th January 2017 Extraordinary Governors Meeting Daniel Thomas
16th January 2017 Resources Committee Victoria Gannon
24th January 2017 Children's Centre Committee Cathy Evans, Tammy Clayton and Nicola Garvey
26th January 2017 Standards Committee None
3rd February 2017 Pupil Support Committee None
9th February 2017 Full Governing Body Barbara Easton
16th March 2017 Standards Committee Cathy Evans and Neil Johnson
21st March 2017 Resources Committee None
25th April 2017 Children's Centre Committee Linda Coates, Tammy Clayton, Nicola Garvey
2nd May 2017 Resources Committee Neil Johnson and Vicky Gannon


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