Meet the Governors

Meet the Governors

Neil Johnson

Neil Johnson, who was born and bred in the North East of England, has lived with his family in Birmingham for almost 20 years.  His work with the Methodist Church has involved establishing and resourcing projects which support people who are homeless, including refugees and asylum seekers.  For the past 5 years he has been a Superintendent Minister of the Birmingham Methodist Circuit. Neil was awarded his PhD at the University of Birmingham in 2015 for his research on the Labour Church movement. 

Barbara Easton

I am Director of Education for the Methodist Church in Britain. This is a job that covers the whole of the country but, seeing as I live locally, I am able to be a governor at Holly Hill. Being a governor helps me do my job because I am able to see what life is like in our schools at a practical level. At the same time, I am able to help the school because my job gives me a lot of experience, seeing schools around the country. Before I did this job I was a teacher and a school leader. This helps me to understand what is going on and help support the school do a great job.

Philippa Fieldson

I work as a Speech and Language Therapist in Worcestershire. For many years I have run a clinic in the local area. Part of my job involves visiting nurseries and schools working closely with teachers and assistants. 

I worship in a nearby Anglican Church, where I have run the children’s ministry. Currently I am in charge of Messy Church and lead the toddler lunch. 


Cathy Evans

My name is Cathy Evans and I’m delighted to be joining the Board of Governors here at Holly Hill.

I’m looking forward to supporting the school, the Children’s Centre and the staff in whatever way I can.

I retired as a speech and language therapist 2 years ago, having worked for many years in the profession. I worked in the Solihull area for 28 years and have enjoyed building relationships with schools and Children’s Centres in the borough. My role has been to help children with speech and language difficulties, special needs and latterly have had some experience with leading a team of speech and language therapists.


Karen Handford

Hello, my name is Karen Handford and I joined the Board of Governors at Holly Hill in November 2012.  My fellow governors elected me as the Chairman in June 2016 and I am delighted to be taking up this role.  My aim is to lead Holly Hill's Board of Governors in supporting the Leadership team and staff in raising standards and achievement in all our children and for the school to be awarded a good, or better, rating at our next Ofsted inspection. If you wish to contact me you are welcome to do so through the school office.
Daniel Thomas
Appointed 1st May 2016 as Local Authority Governor.  Currently employed as a Teacher at Bournville Secondary School.
Victoria Gannon
Appointed 4th October 2016 as Parent Governor.  I have had at least one child at holly Hill School for the last 5 years.  Currently I have one child in Reception and one child in Year 2.  I have spent some time volunteering in Nursery so understand how parts of the school are run.  I am very interested in the future of the school and would like to be a part of moving it forward.
Maureen Knight

It was a privilege to be appointed as a governor by the Birmingham Circuit of the Methodist Church.

I bring the experience of a number of years teaching in Primary Schools, two of which were in Church Schools. I value the ethos of a church school and the influence it can have on all involved.

I am an active member of Dorridge Methodist Church where I have recently been Senior Steward.


Charlotte Taylor

I was introduced to Holly Hill through supply teaching 14 years ago and somehow I never left!   After teaching in school for 7 years I became Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for developing services for 0-5 years and their families at Frankley Plus Children’s Centre.   I look forward to contributing to the governance of the school.


Richard Tebbs

I have been involved with primary schools through my career as a parish priest and this shows me how valuable it can be in both directions.  Children keep us connected with the basics of living and I hope that in turn I bring something fresh to the school as I represent both church and community.