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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Wonderful Wyre Forest!

15th May 2018

What a wonderful day we had in the Wyre Forest.

Excitedly, we boarded the coach to begin our wonderful adventure! As soon as the journey started the children were looking out of the windows and spotting different animals. They spotted horses, cows, sheep and birds. This helped to pass the time quickly and before we knew it we had arrived at our destination.

Eagerly, we stepped off the coach into the wonderful Wyre Forest. We were greeted by Sarah and headed off to start our adventures!

Sarah introduced us to the forest  and talked about the different animals and trees that can be found there.

We began our day with the Highywat Rat trail. We followed the arrows that led us through the forest. On our journey we spied characters from the story. We spotted different birds, dogs, trees, fluttering butterflies, buzzing bumble bees and beautiful bluebells! We heard a chorus of birds and even a "Neigh" from the Highway Rat's horse! 

It was wonderful trecking through the forest! To our surprise we found the Gruffalo asleep and the Gruffalo's child looking for the Big Bad Mouse! 

We had worked up a huge appetite so we stopped to have our picnic lunch. We noticed that Stickman had been guarding them just in case the Highway Rat paid visit.

After lunch it was our turn to work with Sarah. We started the afternoon with a story. Sarah read the Highway Rat to us around the story circle.

When the story had finished we looked for forest treasure to match the description words: sharp rough thin dull hard juicy. We set off in our teams and found lots of treasure. We found thin sticks, juicy leaves, rough fir cones and twigs, dull, dead leaves, sharp rocks and holly leaves and hard stones. It was great fun.

Next we spotted the fallow deer and went on a leaf hunt. After that we went to look at some animals of the forest. We learned that badgers like to eat worms and they are nocturnal. 

Then we made some cakes and treats for the Highway Rat using items from the forest floor. The children got creative and messy.

Finally, it was time to get back on the coach. It was a quiet journey back to school. Sleepily, the children sat and chatted about our wonderful adventure in the Wyre Forest. Some even fell asleep!!

A wonderful day was had by all.