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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

We love to be Heart Smart in Cedar Class

17th Oct 2020

Every Friday the children in Reception enjoy time with Boris the Robot.

Boris, the robot, is helping us to be Heart Smart. Over the term we have learned all about Boris’ special tools. The children helped to come up with actions to help us remember these tools and their purpose. Boris has helped us to think about how we should treat ourselves and others. He has helped us to recognise that we are important too.

We know that:

We are special

We love others

We are a good friend

We tell the truth

We can do it!

We love our Boris Fridays! This week Boris helped us to recognise and read different facial expressions. We talked about different emotions and when we might feel them. The children enjoyed acting out different emotions and playing the game of guess the emotion. In the provision the children enjoyed the robot activities and drawing faces with different expressions.