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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Places of Worship

14th Nov 2019

This week we had a wonderful trip to two different places of worship, St Johns Church and Usman Mosque. We had a great day exploring both places and learning about what happens there. 

At the mosque we learnt about the special book called the Qu’ran which is written in Arabic and read in the opposite way in which we read English. We learnt the customs Muslims follow when they are praying and had a look around the prayer room. The children loved sitting in the Imam’s special chair and finding out about life in a mosque. We learnt about the 5 Pillars of Islam and saw how generous, kind and dedicated Muslim’s are.

At the church we found our what worship means and how people worship in churches. We heard the story of the Good Samaritan and acted it out. This taught us how we should show kindness and respect to everyone we meet. We ended the afternoon with a craft session where we decorated little people to remind us to show our values to all. We then placed them around the special candle tree and lit candles as we said thank you to people who are special to us. 

We had a fabulous day with our Muslim and Christian friends.