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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Our Visit to the Church and Synagogue

23rd May 2019

Wow! What an amazing day we had!

We went to the Church first where Rev. Jo helped us to say a prayer and think about all the things God has given us.

Then she told us a great story all about how God created the world. After that we learned a song all about creation which even had a dance! It was so much fun!

After our snack we got to make creation crowns that show all the wonderful things God created in our world.

In the afternoon we got the coach to the Synagogue where we met Ros who told us that the Synagogue is not just a place to worship it’s also where they meet friends and learn. We put on Kippah’s to go up to the sanctuary where Jewish people worship.

When we were up there Ros showed us the huge Torah scrolls that are kept safe in the Ark. Ros showed us a small Torah and explained that we couldn’t read it because it’s written in Hebrew.

After we had spent some time in the sanctuary we went downstairs and Ros showed us what happens in a Jewish Shabbat ceremony on a Friday night. We that spent some time designing our own Challah cover.