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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Open the Book present ‘The Great Escape’

4th Oct 2019
  1. Today’s Open the Book story was about Moses and how he asked the Pharaoh to ‘Let my people go.’ The Pharaoh kept saying ‘No’ and God sent frogs and gnats and flies and hailstones (to name but a few) before the Pharaoh finally agreed to let the people go free. 

Then, the Pharaoh changed his mind again and chased after Moses in his chariot.  When they got to the Red Sea, Moses parted the waves for his people but the Pharaoh’s chariot got stuck and crushed by the sea. 

At last, Moses and the people were free.

We reflected on this week’s value of honesty and thought about how the Pharoah had been dishonest to Moses when he broke his promise. 

A big thank you to Open the Book and the children in  Beech class who took part in acting out the story.