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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Open the book assembly

9th Feb 2018

Today, Open the book came to take our assembly.  They told a story about Thankfulness.  The story was about 4 friends who were sent to a good school by the King.  The King asked the 4 friends to eat some food that God had said they couldn't eat.  The friends asked for vegetables instead and the chef said that the King would be very cross.  They said if the friends ate vegetables and water for ten days they would not get ill. After ten days, the other people at the school were ill and growing weak.  The 4 friend were strong and healthy and said they had not forgotten God's words and he was looking after them.  The King listened and said from now on the friends could eat whatever they liked.  The King and the boys were thankful to God for keeping them strong, God was thankful to them for following his teaching and rules.  


Thank you to Open the book for this lovely story and performance.