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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Nursery Writing Workshop

24th May 2019

Today was our Nursery writing workshop and the Nursery children had wonderful time with their parents and grandparents. We talked about writing as a developmental process; and a journey. Children need to be well co-ordinated through their whole body, not just their hands and fingers so we showed parents what strategies we use in Nursery to develop the children's gross and fine motor skills to help them with early writing including painting, mark making, dough disco and cutting skills.

Miss Tullett and the children showed the parents a write dance session called the ‘Volcano’. Write Dance movements are designed to help children feel happy and comfortable with their bodies, improving their motor skills and providing a strong foundation for writing. The children then enjoyed getting the parents involved in using the large roll of paper and crayons on the floor to use the dance movements to draw a volcano to the beat of the music.

Once again we would like to say a big thank you to all that came. The children really do love sharing their joy of learning with you.

Have a wonderful half term!

Nursey Team