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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Nursery made nests to bring Hope to the Owl Babies

5th Oct 2018

Mummy owl felt sad. Her nest was broken by a big storm and her owl babies didn't have a home to keep them safe and warm.

Acorn and Conker class went off to the woods to help!

We collected sticks, leaves and acorns under the old oak tree. We learned how to share. We learned some rules to keep us safe when we are exploring. We learned how birds collect materials to build their nests. We thought about what the owls might need in their nests to help them to feel safe, warm and comfortable.

We felt a sense of life in all its fullness. Our spirits and our senses came alive as we explored the woods. We watched the magical sunlight dancing through the leaves. We marvelled at the tiny spiders and wondered at the beautiful birdsong. We are very thankful that we have such a wonderful learning environment in our school!

Mummy owl and the baby owls flew down from the trees (with some help from Mrs Andrews and Mrs Hood!). The Owls swooped and soared and the children gave them directions to help the to find the nests they had built for them. This weeks value is hope and the children all learned that we can give the gift of hope to anyone or anything by helping others who are in need. 

What a wonderful day!