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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Lets all be friends together.

13th Feb 2020

As part of RE this term we have been talking about the school values and looking at one a week. This week our value is friendship so the children talked together giving examples of what being a friend means. We had some fabulous ideas such as: playing together, sharing toys, making someone feel happy. We also read the story of Noah's Ark as Noah was a friend of God. The children acted out the story also, finding a friend to go onto the Ark with and pretending to be one of the animals. The children had a great time singing songs such as, 'The animals went in two by two', 'I hear thunder' and 'incey wincey spider'. Finally one of the children pretended to be the dove sent out to find land. They continued to use our prayer corner as a pretend Noah's Ark all afternoon playing with the small world version.