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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Fir Class show our value of love to our world

14th Apr 2019

We read Harry and the Dinosaurs Go Wild  which is all about Harry trying to help endangered animals. The children showed deep concern for the environmental issues raised in this book. They wanted to find out more and wanted to find out how they can make a difference.

We watched NewsRound clips about the African Elephants being hunted for their ivory. We learned about the impact that this has on these magnificent animals. We learned more about these animals from the WWF website; their habitat and what they need to help them survive. The children wrote letters to the poachers asking them to stop hurting the animals. The children wanted these to be posted on our website so that people all over the world could read them and help to save the animals.

We also learned about the dangers of plastic in the sea. We watched a NewsRound video about a sea turtle that needed to be rescued. It had eaten a plastic bag because it thought it was a jelly fish. Then we watched a video made by children at a primary school in Scotland which gave ideas about how to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic. Our  children made posters explaining how to re-use carrier bags. They took these home to help them explain to their families so that they could help to reduce plastic waste. One of the children brought in a ‘plastic trap’ / eco brick that she had made at home and explained to the other children how to make it and how it can help reduce waste. She also explained that helps other people as it can be used to build homes. We googled eco-brick buildings to find out more. We were amazed by what can be made out of our unwanted, non-recyclable plastic.

We have been very impressed by the children’s thoughtful ideas and the passion that they have shown about helping to make our world a better place. We will continue further exploring other environmental issues through our topics in the summer term.