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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Cedar Class have captured the evil peas!

5th May 2018

It has been a busy week in Cedar Class. The children have responded to letters from the community police to help them with their investigation into the Evil Pea. They have made traps for the Evil Pea and his army of peas which have proved to be very successful! 

The army of peas have been causing chaos in the classroom. They have hidden numbers around the room, covered numbers on the number line and 100 square; they even messed up the number line! 

So the children have had to use their knowledge of number to work out missing numbers and recognise and order them. They have worked very hard. 

After hunting for the evil peas the children had to put them in order. They managed to capture the army of evil peas.

Their hard work has helped Supertato who carried out surveillance on Thursday and managed to catch the Evil Pea and get the items he had taken back. 

Mrs Guilfoyle was delighted to have her chair and board back!

The children will be able to thank the community police next week when they come into visit. They will also be thinking of ways they can help the Evil Pea to become a good pea as they discuss all of the people that help in the community.