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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Cedar Class - Amazing Outdoors Maths!

22nd Mar 2018

Cedar Class enjoyed Sports Relief so much yesterday that we decided to carry on the learning today.

We balanced along the trim trail. We learned how to keep ourselves and other people safe.  We measured how long it took using a timer. We learned words to use to talk about time and compared our times to see who was fastest and who was slowest. 

We practiced our aim by throwing a beanbag into a hoop. We used a sand timer to time 30 seconds. We learned how to make tally marks to record our scores. We compared our scores to see who had scored the most and who had scored the fewest. We added our scores together.

We did the long jump. We used a metre rule to measure how far we could jump. We compared our distances to find out who could jump the furthest. 

What a lot of learning and exercise we've been doing today! I think we'll all sleep very well tonight!