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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Birthdays bring joy in Cedar class

20th Nov 2020

This week we have continued with our celebrations topic and started to tell our own stories. We know that birthdays are a celebration of the day we were born and that we have one every year. The children were able to say what they love about birthdays and how they make them feel. We agreed that they can make us feel happy, warm inside and bring us joy.

The main character in our story, “Kipper’s Birthday” helped us with a cake recipe this week, so we decided to make cakes. It was a huge success, such fun baking and talking about the changes that occurred during the process. At snack time, the children visited the bakers shop to purchase their cake, some were big, small and with a cherry on top! They were delicious. Thank you Kipper!

The Bible story this week introduced us to the first Christmas and how the birth of Jesus brought joy to so many. We are looking forward to finding out how each of us celebrate Christmas and other special festivals.