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As children will not be attending school, we have put together some ideas and resources for you to use which will support your child’s learning at home.

Reading - As you are aware, regular practice is so important and reading at least once a day will allow your child to retain the skills that they have developed so far.  Please record your child’s reading in their Reading Diary each day and include details of any other books or materials from home that they have read.

Purple Mash -  Children have been provided with log-in details and their own password.  We will set tasks for the children to complete, linked to the learning objectives for their year group.   Staff have access to this website and will be able to see the work that the children have completed.  Your child’s teacher will regularly be setting new tasks for the children to complete. Purple Mash also has lots of learning resources for all curriculum areas should they wish to explore and complete activities that are of interest to them.   Mini Mash is a part of the website specifically designed for Nursery and Reception children. Click on the ‘mini mash’ logo and you will be directed to this part of the website.

TT  Rock Stars (Year 2 only) -  Children can log-in and practise their 2, 5 and 10 times tables and take part in competitions with other children.

Practical ideas- This is a sheet full of ideas of other activities that you can complete at home, without Internet access.  Children are encouraged to record their learning in the exercise book that they have been given.

Project work – If your child has a particular interest, such as the environment or wild animals, they could research these and present their learning in a variety of ways, such as pictures or painting, a story or writing a fact file. 



Home Learning Hub

 Purple Mash
Our Purple Mash Page
Daily Dance
Keep fit by dancing

ICT games
Games to use on the
Letters and Sounds
Phonics activities
and help with
English activities

Phonics Bloom
Phonics resources
and games
Space Simulation for
Year 2
Sing up
Learn how to sing
and keep the spirits

Teach your Monster to read
An app and a website
that is free to help
children read


RE and Worship

30 Day Lego Bible Challenge
Do you love Lego?
Why not try our 30
day Challenge? Be
sure to upload
photos of your
creations to our
Guestbook page!
Diddy Disciples
Listen to Bible
stories and songs
and join in with the
Lots of Easter
learning resources
for you to try at
The School is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. We recommend adult supervision for all links to external sites.


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